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BUYING PHILIPPINES PROPERTY (Insights from a Strategic Analyst)

This eBook is recommended reading for foreigners, expat Filipinos, Filipino real estate agents and investors. Foreigners are often told that they can’t buy property. True! Most are not allowed to own property. BUT! A distinction any good lawyer will make is that you can still control property here. We live in the generation of the ‘legal loophole’. Find out how to ‘control’ your property purchase in the Philippines! We have two different techniques for you.

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This 2-Volume eBook set is filled with critical analysis and insightful details for purchasing property in the Philippines – from ground work, research, contracts, laws, regulations, to actual purchase and securing control over property.

BONUS OFFER: Buyers of the 2 Volume eBook Set will receive a free complimentary list of over 3000 FORECLOSED PROPERTIES IN THE PHILIPPINES – and growing!

The contents of this book cannot be found on mere internet research. Experts from the Philippine Bureau of Lands, professional real estate brokers, customers/investors and business consultants have been involved in the preparation of this book set.

Table of Contents – Volume 1 (Part A)

The Philippines – land of promise
Philippine Politics
The Legal Framework
Important Concepts of Property Rights
History of Philippines Land Administration
Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP)
The NEW Land Administration Framework
Land Title Issues
Transfer of Property Ownership
Tenancy Regulation
Specific Land Regulation Issues

Volume 2 (Part B)

The Property Market
Types of Property
Contrarian Opportunities
Tourism Opportunities
Farming Opportunities
When & Where to Buy
Understanding Philippine Property
Foreigners & Philippine Property
Marital & Visa Status in the Philippines
The Foreclosed Property Market
Finding Help with Your Property Purchase
Financing Your Property Purchase
Planning Your Purchase
Meeting the Seller
Securing the Property
Taking Possession of Your Property
Building a Home in the Philippines
Refurbishing a Property
Strategies for Buying Property
General Lifestyle Guide
Our Property Search Experience
Examples of Property Transactions
Useful Resources for Property Investors
Standard Contracts
If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact

This report is a comprehensive and strategic investment guide for buying property in the Philippines. The study will be of interest to investors, home buyers and lifestylers looking to retire there.

It will also assist you with the acquisition of foreclosed property in the Philippines. There are around a thousand organisations selling foreclosed property in the Philippines through various routes. We are offering buyers a free listing of foreclosed properties as a bonus along with the 2-volume book set.

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