New Launch: CMG

Recently we launched Critical Media Group to offer critical libertarian perspective of contemporary civic issues.


Critical Media Group (CMG) serves as a portal to propagate ideas advancing liberty and justice from the perspective of an anarcho-capitalist within the broader libertarian political movement.

Mission Statement

The intent of CMG is to facilitate the ascension of liberty, in the first instance by strengthening the intellectual foundations for core supporters of libertarianism, and to propagate those ideas more broadly into the mainstream. Furthermore, we intend to provide evidence and arguments which more broadly contribute to the betterment of libertarians and other sympathetic ears. We will therein cater to the commercial, entrepreneurial, aspirational and intellectual interests of libertarians, and provide opportunities for networking in social media circles. The intent is therefore to bolster the intellectual clarity of those who already see value in liberty and justice. We are therefore focused on ‘low-hanging fruit’.


We have witnessed in recent years the ascension of libertarianism as a political ideal. We have still not seen however those parties and political instrumentalities which purport to advance liberty apply any coherent standard of truth. There is an undercurrent of conservatism in these agencies, as well as the media, that demands greater intellectual integrity, lest they serve only to advance the ‘practical interests’ of their sponsors, whilst compromising the prospects for liberty. We have seen such compromises stall liberty before. For this reason, Andrew Sheldon established CMG to facilitate critical appraisal of various libertarian, media and political instrumentalities, for the sake of contributing to a more robust conception of libertarianism that will sustain the ideology into the future.